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Elevating User Experience with Gemetouch


Gemetouch is a company that makes things that let people interact with machines. They’ve been doing this for 13 years, and they make things for factories and websites. They really care about making things that are easy to use, as well as being functional. They make lots of different things like touchscreens and rubber keypads, and they try really hard to make them reliable and efficient.

Gemetouch really cares about doing a good job and making their customers happy. They work really closely with their customers to make sure they’re making the right thing for them, and they always try to make things that are customized to their customer’s needs. They want their customers to be happy with their products and services, and they’re really good at what they do.




Our mission: To provide quality products and services that exceed customer expectations.


1. 13 years producing history and 5 years exporting experience.

2: Stable and experienced working team: more than 80% of the staff have been working in our factory for more than 6 years.

3: Professional engineering team will offer technical support in the development step of a new project.

4. Provide one-stop production and assembly service from custom membrane switch to PCBA, enclosure, back plate, etc.

5. Using a high standard mold to assure the products with high quality and precise  dimensions.

6. In-house 100% functionally tested.

7. All of our products have been granted ISO9001-2015 quality system certification


1. Our quality management treats customer satisfaction as a core goal and carries out daily quality management work with PDCA.

For the incoming materials, IQC inspects each batch according to a sampling plan. Monthly performance statistics of supplier’s due date, quality, service, etc. According to the supplier’s delivery performance and the importance of the materials, we will confirm and on-site counseling with suppliers.

During the process of quality management, the inspection of the first and the last parts are adopted, and integrating inspection is within 2 hours. Before mass production, the PFMEA was prepared by a project-led multi-group discussion to analyze the process’s potential failure modes and the regular MSA measurement system. In mass production, three key management processes, “fixed equipment, fixed personnel, and established methods”, are applied to key processes. Special procedures use SPC statistical methods to control the production process in a steady state.

A Barcode tracking system is adopted for shipment which can accurately find the source of each batch of materials. Zero defect shipment sampling is adopted for automotive, military, and other customers.

We will respond in 2 hours for customer feedback, make processing measures within 4 hours, and  8D back in 24 hours.

2. We warranty our materials and workmanship

All of our PET materials are sourced from Autotype (UK), and Toray (Japan), PC materials are from GE (USA), we use imported silver paste from Korea, high-quality printing ink, 3M double-sided adhesive, ten stripes ink from Japan, connectors from Nicomatic, etc.

You will be satisfied with our high-quality products at reasonable prices in timely delivery and perfect after-sales service.